Monday, August 9, 2010

JD's Big Boy Room!

We've been working on JD's new big boy monster room ever since we found out baby #2 is a boy, but there hasn't been much action lately.  I was really hoping to post about his room when it was all done, but now I'm posting because I really need help with the finishing touches!
Here is where we are at now:

We started with the crib and dresser from Ikea.  The white Gulliver Crib was under $100, and the ODDA Storage Unit with Clothes Tree was under $200.  Because the new baby is getting JD's old crib, I didn't want to spend a fortune on this one.  I read/heard good things about the Ikea cribs, and this one met all my expectations.  It was easy to put together and is very sturdy.  The ODDA piece is my absolute favorite, and the fact that JD loves it only makes it better!  The hole in the top is a laundry drop, and JD LOVES dropping his dirty laundry in it.  He feels like a big boy helper!  The only problem so far is that he learned how to open the drawers on the right and empties them into the laundry.  We're working on learning the difference between clean and dirty, but for now I give everything a sniff test.  haha
Note- Ikea doesn't recommend this piece for young children because of the clothes tree and obvious climbing hazard.  JD hasn't realized the tree climbing potential here yet, but if he does, we can disconnect it until he's old enough to handle it.

We already had the big, black bookshelf- we got it from Kmart years ago- and we decided it worked.  I found the black storage boxes at Bed Bath & Beyond.  JD loves emptying them, and (thankfully) filling them back up.

  Then I found the awesome, gigantic bean bag at Overstock and had to have it.  It expands to a big, super cushiony rectangle, but it has clips at the corners to make it more like a traditional bean bag chair.  We keep it open, and James loves to snuggle up with us on it during story time, climb on it, throw himself down face first on it, etc.


Hubby loves to nap on it too!

Finally I went in search of color.  We knew we wanted a monster-themed room because we call JD our little monster man, and he loves making monster noises :)
I found this great fabric and then the paint to match.  Nicklepicklequilts made me a blanket out of the fabric, and I made some (not nearly as fancy) pillows to match.

For accessories, I got this lime lamp shade and the lime sheets from

I found the awesome monsters for the big boy room at Scare Me Not.  We have Protector Patty and Fearless Fred to watch over JD's room.

The last idea I had was to cut out some of the monsters from the fabric and put them in frames that I painted lime green.  I made four and put them on the bookshelf and on these floating shelves over his crib.

(I know Mickey & the happy elephant bank don't exactly fit the big boy monster theme, but the colors worked out perfectly!)

Okay, so now I'm stuck.  Three out of four walls are bare, and I still have a lot of fabric. I'm hoping you guys have some great ideas to help us out!  What do you think?

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