Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vacations are Happy

In keeping with the "happy things in 2012" theme, vacations definitely make me happy.  And now that we're back (we've been back for a week, but, you know, it totally takes 7 days to recover from a 5 day vacation with toddlers), I'm so happy to look back at all the fun we had! 

I'm also excited to be getting the hang of our new DSLR. I've taken a class and flipped through the manual, but please pass on any simple tutorials that will turn me into the next Annie Leibovitz.  haha 

Things that make me happy:

iPads make traveling with toddlers 1 billion times easier. "Oh, you're worried about sitting next to my kid on the plane? Don't worry. He'll be better behaved than my husband." = something I really wanted to say to the obnoxious woman who told my 14-month-old to be quiet because they can hear him "all the way up front". Because telling him that would do anything other than make him proud of himself.

 My baby is not afraid of PDAs.
watch out Mickey
I really beat myself up over forgetting the rain cover for the stroller (and it only drizzled for a couple hours of our trip).  But then I realized it didn't bother anybody but me, and it wasn't really a HUGE deal.  Happiness = realizing you don't have to be on top of ALL THE THINGS all the time.  Also- Disney really needs to construct some covered stroller parking.  It rains a lot in Florida.

a little rain didn't keep them from their stroller nap
There is very little to be upset about at Disney World.  Except your brother stealing your goldfish.  And your parent doing nothing but taking pictures. 
Don't worry. He got more.
 Meeting Pooh really IS that exciting.
This is him turning to me after a LONG cuddle.
 And being a nerd makes me happy.
 Happiness to JD is finally being tall enough to ride a "real" roller coaster- one Grandma was scared to go on.  
And happiness is also 5 minute wait times.
I love that my kids are thrill seekers- as long as they don't eventually do something crazy like ride a motorcycle or jump out of a perfectly good plane.  They immediately asked for "next ride" or "more ride" as soon as we finished one. 
"I can squeeze through there. We don't have to wait."
We had never been to Sea World, and I was a little nervous about how it would follow Disney & Universal.  It was definitely lacking enthusiasm from it's employees ("What? You're not cheering for me after riding the Swishy Fishies?"), but the roller coasters were AMAZING and the dolphin show was worth the price of admission alone.
 And again, I'm a nerd.
If you were wondering, the chocolate frog was nothing special as far as chocolate goes, but the card inside was fun.  I was a little disappointed to see that you could pay extra for a "Special Edition Chocolate Frog" that guaranteed you got a Dumbledore card.  (I did not.) If you care that much about a Dumbledore card, wouldn't you also care about the card being a surprise?  I haven't been brave enough to crack open the Every Flavour Beans yet.
What's making you happy today?

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