Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bright Starts Comfort and Harmony Cradling Bouncer

While Hubby was away last week, I stayed at my parents' for a couple days.  Even though they have a crib, toys, and highchair for JD, there was still a ridiculous amount of packing to do for the boys. (I was reminded that before they were born, the dog used to have an overnight bag. Now she's lucky if I remember her leash and food.)  My mom asked what else she could get for their house that would be a big help as far as future visits.  We decided on sippy cups and Little People Blocks for JD (and they also got him a Cozy Coupe to tool around in- but that's just them spoiling) and something to put O down in when he wasn't in a carrier.  Mom picked up Bright Starts Comfort and Harmony Cradling Bouncer, and it was a hit!  

Yes, we are still loving the sock-ons!
The adjustable toy bar was within his reach, and we spent a lot of time watching him successfully grab at the giraffe.  It reclines in 2 positions, it's 7 songs have volume control, and it automatically bounces itself if he's being too lazy to kick his legs!  This is yet another baby item that I wish came in adult size.  It looks super cozy!


  1. we didn't have this particular bouncer, but the one we did have was a LIFESAVER when P was a newborn. he loved it!


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