Saturday, July 30, 2011

My 29th Week in Droid Pics

The heat broke enough to take some walks this week, but besides that we laid low.

I promise he was much more excited about the watermelon than it looks.

Even more excited about the end of our baguette. 

We took a walk to the fro yo place.

I put together a storage unit for my laundry room all by myself.

Keep your hands on the wheels!

I created these peanut butter s'mores turnovers for moms' night out by combining a couple Pinterest recipes.

An early morning Friendly's trip.

O ate his toast like a big boy.

We played with bubbles in the backyard. 

The bubble machine blew his mind.

JD can now climb onto the counter. Awesome.

Ava took a nap with the puppets.


He looks so innocent. 

It was a walk-to-Starbucks-for-a-venti kind of day.

Waiting for daddy to get home so we can go for a walk/bike ride.

We walked to Petsmart to visit the animals.  JD loves cats!

Ava made a friend, too.

I wish Hubby wasn't allergic.  This one was a cutie!

That tank on the left had way too many fish in it.  I felt bad for them.

I was tired just watching this guy.

Thumbs up for Petsmart.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Traveling with a Baby? Check This Out & Enter to Win!

I am so excited to finally share one of the projects I have been working on!

This idea came to me a while ago when I realized there wasn't really much out there to prepare my boys for what they will experience while we are traveling.  I wanted to show them what to expect when we are in the airport and in our vacation destinations.  (As a teacher, I always recommended parents make family trips as educational as possible -especially when students were missing class to go away!  This includes learning about where you are going.)

I found an awesome artist who worked with me to create child-friendly, realistic images to go along with the vocabulary.  After printing, they are laminated (because every flash card I have ever bought JD has been folded up, ripped, and eaten), and I bound them together with ribbon.  The first set (in what will hopefully become a big "What Will I See" series) is called "Airport ABC". For each letter of the alphabet, there is something you will see in an airport, so children can learn the vocabulary and familiarize themselves with the images before travel and even play I Spy at the airport.  Next up, I am working on "NYC ABC".

This giveaway has ended, but you can now find the cards in my Etsy shop!  

Monday, July 25, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Baby at the Beach

A friend shared a great idea for making our beach trips a little easier, and I couldn't wait to try it out last week.  Taking both boys to the beach has been a challenge because I still need to keep a very close eye on JD, but O is crawling, eating sand, storing rocks in his mouth- basically getting into trouble in any way he can.  

To keep him occupied in one spot, I brought JD's Safety 1st booster seat along.  It wasn't difficult to carry- I just folded it up and hung it over my shoulder by the straps- and it is very light.  I could strap O in, put the tray on, and let him play while I also gave tons of attention to JD.  We put some water on it to splash in, gave him a few toys, and he was content for much longer than I had feared.  Bonus: I could use it to feed both of the boys without most of their lunch landing in the sand!

Happy to be sitting in the big boy seat


We put him under the tent for some shade.

We all had a great time!

**It is important to note that he was still able to bend over and reach the ground, so placing him on a mat or towel prevented him from eating sand.  Also, with enough force, he could tip himself over backwards (since the seat is meant to be used against a chair with a back), but you could pile up sand behind the seat to prevent that.  This is NOT a substitute for watching your baby at the beach- just a way to make it a little less stressful.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My 28th Week in Droid Pics

I haven't posted here all week (so many fun things to share soon!), but I really didn't want to miss a week of Droid pics.  I love that these weekly posts get me taking pics of my boys every day, and I hope that someday they appreciate seeing what our days were filled with.


The circus was in town, and although we didn't go to the show, we went to see the animals eat breakfast.  The elephants and tigers were his favorite.  He is still talking about how the lions eat MEAT for breakfast.

All of the horses pretended we weren't there.

I love catching them "talking" and giggling.

drooling play-doh

I parked here during a car nap.

Sorry, buddy. That's not your slice.

Just like Daddy.

We picked up frozen yogurt from the new place in town.

And O enjoyed his first time in the ball pit at My Gym.

Hanging at the spray park

JD had to get his cholesterol checked.  We gave him a lollypop first, and there wasn't even a tear!
We spent Thursday night hiding from the heat camping at the beach with my parents.


We took a morning walk and met a deer.

JD loved playing in the sand with a family friend.  

We put only our toes in because it was COLD!

O, I think JD is stealing your snack.
We spent the afternoon relaxing at my sister's pool.
Matching floats.
My mom searched forever to find these poncho-style towels for the boys.  
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

My 27th Week in Droid Pics

It was another busy week in our house.  Hubby ran a basketball camp all week, on top of his regular day job, so the boys and I were mostly on our own. But the week did end with a date night, so no complaints here!


We helped Hubby set up his gym for the camp, and then JD got a few pointers.
For some reason our library packed every mommy & me class for July into one week, so it seems like we lived there the past few days.  Plus, now that JD is 2, he and O are in separate classes, so there were twice as many classes as usual.


O tested out the bells at Baby Boogie.

JD showed off his moves at Toddler Tango.

He loved the pirate patch he got for getting his vision tested at his 2-year-old check-up.  Good news: The doc was super impressed that he knew all his colors, the nurse gushed over his good behavior, no tears from his finger prick & vaccine (which = munchkin treat from DD on the way home), and he is right on track with height & weight.  Bad news = we have to take him for a cholesterol test because of Hubby's family history of super high levels  :(  

We went to story time at our local Barnes & Noble, but JD spent the entire time telling me which books were "MINE!"

We kept cool playing in the basement playroom.

Just a little push to get him going.

ugggg. This was at the end of the day, too!

I made myself a yummy sandwich that was too big to fit in my mouth.
I dropped the boys off to play at Hubby's gym.  If you're on LI, you should totally check out Fundamental Sports Training.  It's fun  :)

After a super exciting meeting (more info to come soon!), I brought home these beauties.

We learned that bedtime story time really isn't a good idea for a tired toddler.

Geese crossing!

JD showed off some new skills at My Gym.

He learned this from watching the big kids.

Kidnastics at the library.

He's a bug!

We tried a big boy cup at breakfast.  Lesson learned: I can't turn my back.  He used his fingers to put his oatmeal in the milk. 

O goes nuts with some maracas!

JD was wiggling too fast to get a clear pic!

We had a playdate at a house with a ball pit!

I was taking a pic of JD waving to dogs at the farmers' market and caught O waving to ME!

O is not impressed by the beets.
This afternoon, as soon as Hubby walks in the door from work, we are beach bound!  Have a great weekend!

(Did you take phone pics this week?  Visit Amy for the code & link up!)

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