Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pish Posh Baby Review & Giveaway

I was not familiar with Pish Posh Baby, so I was very excited to get to know them and get my hands (and K3's hands) on these new products.  

With our big move getting closer and closer, we have been packing boxes every day.  I am pickier than ever about what I'm keeping, packing, and moving to our new home.  Even though the Blooming Baby Bath will take up some box space, it is definitely a keeper!
pish posh blooming bath

pish posh blooming bath

pish posh blooming bath

pish posh blooming bath

I have never done baths in the kitchen sink with any of the boys, but we will never go back to bathing a tiny baby anywhere else.  And even with a 17 pound 6-month-old, it was wonderful to stand and wash him.  The Blooming Bath is handmade and very cuddly, safe, and adorable.  I plopped it in the sink, washed the baby, and then cleaned it in the laundry with a load of towels.  Easy peasy!  K3 loved it just as much as splashing in the tub, and I wish I could be snuggled in something so cushiony and soft in my bath!

Skip Hop is a brand I have bought in the past, but the Hug and Hide Activity Toy was a new addition to the baby toy basket.  There has been a lot of playing and learning since we took this sweetheart out of the box, and the monkey or bear will probably make an appearance in K3's Easter basket.   







As you can see, K3 took his time testing (and tasting) each feature of the toy.  There are 10 (TEN!) activities including a mirror, crinkly and squeaky things, and teething pieces.  It's my go to keep-the-baby occupied while I make dinner/make a phone call/do homework with older kids/empty the dishwasher.  

And, thanks to Pish Posh Baby, you can win these two products to love in your home as much as we do! 

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The dream of PishPoshBaby was born out of a desire to find the more reliable baby products and advice available to real moms just like you.  Their high-quality store supplies facts and advice to parents who are completely lost in the whirlwind of baby gear. 

**Disclosure: Pish Posh Baby sent me free products to review.  All opinions are my own.
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