Monday, November 5, 2012

Hurricane Halloween

This post is late.  Last week was a blur.  My school is still closed due to the absolutely devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy, and I have been staying with my parents since they have important things like heat.  I am so blessed to have no major damage to my home, and I've been enjoying a lot of extra time with my boys.  However, the images I have seen of nearby neighborhoods is heartbreaking and surreal.  Just today I learned that JD's teacher is among the many who lost everything.  Please keep those affected in your prayers for the next few months as families struggle to find housing and begin rebuilding.  Many of my favorite places are just... gone, and that will take a while to sink in.
But having two little guys means that the fun still continued.  They enjoyed watching the small cleanup projects in my parents' backyard, and we did our best to celebrate Halloween.

toddler with chainsaw

toddler realizing chainsaw doesn't work
"You do realize that this isn't working, right?"

Buzz pushing Woody
Woody wanted a pic by himself.

Halloween party pinata
An amazing friend hosted a Halloween party, even though she didn't have power, so that the kids didn't miss out.  She's the best!

collecting rocks
We tried trick-or-treating.  O was way more interested in collecting rocks.


knocking on doors
VERY few people were home or were prepared for trick-or-treaters, but this group brought smiles to faces.

Buzz and Woody are friends
Buzz + Woody = BFF

memorable halloween
A Halloween we won't forget!

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