Saturday, May 27, 2017

NY Baby Show 2017 was the best yet!

Last Sunday at bedtime, I asked K3 what his favorite part of the day was. After spending a busy day in the city, there was a lot to consider.  He answered, "the baby show," and when I asked him why, he told me, "the people".  Of course I thought that was so sweet and adorable, but the more I thought about it that night, the more I understood how great the day was for him.  At every single stop in the huge expo hall, someone was giving him a compliment or a treat.  He got to play with a lot of new, fun baby gear, and everybody gave him tons of attention.

Here are some highlights and favorites from the day.

This was our first stop when we got inside the show, and K3 had to be bribed away from this table.  There's just something about new books.

New York Baby Show dk reading

The Pello was something that I could see all of my boys lounging on as well as something that would be convenient to pop the baby in when I'm doing laundry, getting dressed, or whatever.  I like how easy it was to carry and how soft it was.  I may just have to get one for the dog too, because she will totally try to claim it!

New York Baby Show hello

Trips to Fire Island would be made so much easier if I had this set up. The design of this Austlen stroller is gorgeous and the storage capacity is outrageous.  Plus, they just released beach wheels, so we could take it right down on the sand.

new york baby show austlen

This Summer Infant potty had K3 captivated.  It looks like a big boy potty, it makes a flushing sound, and it was filled with chocolates.  I love that it had a built in wipe dispenser and is easy to clean.

new york baby show summer infant potty

Other favorites include Goumikids (the sweetest organic mits, booties, and sleepers- I will definitely be stocking up for the baby),  Littlebeam nursing pillows (small enough to easily tote around, use in the car, etc.), Savor (easy to organize keepsake storage), Storksak (diaper bags that would make me feel grownup and pulled together), and the thing I totally cannot wait to get into my house- Dirty Soap. It's a hand soap that changes colors when you've scrubbed enough.  I don't know about you, but my kids are known to squirt soap in their hands and rinse it off before they even get a good lather. This is a game changer!

 And of course it was a gorgeous day, so we ended it with a walk around the neighborhood.


*Disclosure: I was provided with free passes for the show and was compensated for this post.  All opinions are our own.
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