Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: PIZZA

(O's personal whole wheat pizza with ground turkey, finely chopped broccoli, cheese, & tomato sauce)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Getting Ready for Pre-School

(Is it really pre-school when he's just two and going for 4 hours/week?)

Anyway, here is what we have done to get JD ready for pre-school.
  1. When we were deciding on a school, I took JD along on the tour.  While I talked to the teacher, he watched the kids paint and checked out all of the toys. As we were leaving, they were getting ready for snack. He was so sad that he couldn't stay for the special Cars pretzels they were having that he still talks about going to "school snack".
  2. We read about school.  Today, his favorite is Froggy Goes To School.   He will be very upset when he realizes that he is not going on a "SCHOOL BUS!!!!!" (Why does every book about school have a bus?  We live two blocks from the elementary school, so he won't get a bus then either.)
  3. We got a lunch box (even though he doesn't need it, but I read about it at Baby Rabies and had to have it) and a backpack.  Most days I find him in his room after nap ready to "go school".
  4. JD knows that he will be a "Guppy" and that his teacher's name is Miss Lorraine.  It sounds like "Mess Irene" when he says it, but it's close enough and kind of relevant.  I want him to feel like he knows her before he gets there, so we talk about what he will do with Miss Lorraine (paint, sing, SNACK), and he talks about showing her his lunch box and "packpack".
  5. I sign JD (and O) up for every class available at our local library.  They are great for introducing structure, playtime with kids his age, and a student/teacher relationship. Before each class (and also his My Gym classes), we talk about listening to the teacher, taking turns, and sitting at circle time (our biggest challenge).  Even in a new class or with a new teacher, I can see that JD identifies the authority figure in the room and he knows that listening to them will usually lead to good things.
and something I WILL do since I don't know any moms sending their kids to our pre-school:  After orientation, I will (get over my own nervousness and) set up a playdate with someone in his class so there will be a familiar face on the first day.  Our school does allow moms to come in if they want to, but I know the best things would be to kiss him goodbye at the door and leave. 

JD's first day is Sept. 13th, so you know I will be a mess sharing how it goes.

off to school

Saturday, August 27, 2011

My 33rd Week in Droid Pics

We are ready for Irene!  Now we're just sitting around dealing with a toddler that won't nap.  There's just a bit of wind and rain out there now, but we're prepared for more.  And we'll have a house full of evacuated family tonight, so hopefully we won't lose power early and we can have a fun night of watching movies and talking.

Anyway- enough about the storm.... Here's our week!


We missed our usual farmers' market last Saturday, so we tried this one.  It was disappointing.

But JD did eat some spinach bread like it was cake.

O's "I didn't do it" face.

And I LOVE this face.

Hubby thought it was a good pic opportunity, too.

JD kept asking for a lime at dinner, so we gave it to him.  And he liked it.

Bye bye Daddy

We walked to Bed, Bath & Beyond, and took a pit stop in the dollar store for some hoops.

We started shopping for O's birthday party.  Well, if you don't count the things I've randomly picked up over the past few months.  Now I'm purposely going out for things.

JD took the stage at storytime.

And he learned that jumping up and down on your chair in a restaurant is not a good idea.  He is still talking about how much his BOO BOO HURT.
O turned 10 months old!  And I realized as soon as I got them both to bed that I hadn't taken any phone pics of the boys all day, so here are sleeping shots.

O LOVES his blankie.  As soon as you put him down, he rolls over and pulls it in under him.

I was really scared that JD was about to open his eyes.  I snapped this and snuck out fast.

We met up with friends at the "big playground" and JD showed off.

And refused to take off his sunglasses.

Sunglasses still on at storytime.

Where's O?

In the afternoon we went to a playdate where JD stood way too close to the bubbles.

And I had to turn O around 5 dozen times as he walked back and forth across the yard.  Get this kid a lawnmower.

We spent the end of the gorgeous day having dinner at the beach with friends.  They have seafood & live music here every night, and I really hope it survives the storm, because there are many more evenings this summer to spend here.

The kids played peacefully, and we have no idea what they were trying to do. 

We are having some house guests, so we took an early morning trip to the grocery store for breakfast goodies before Hubby left for work.  They were out of bags (and we forgot ours) so we had to use a big box.

The rest of the morning was spent relocating potted plants and making sure every person, dish, and piece of laundry was clean in case we lose electricity and/or water for a while.

I'm praying that the storm continues to lose power so we can enjoy a lazy family day tomorrow without too much clean-up! 

If you took camera pics this week, visit Amy for the code, and link up!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Favorite: My Favorite Hurricane Memory

I was 4 when Hurricane Gloria hit Long Island.  I don't remember the actual storm, but the day following it is one of my favorite childhood memories.  An enormous tree had fallen in our backyard, and my dad and I had a great time climbing in it before he cut it up.  

I remember being very sad when he told me THAT tree had been the one he was planning to build a treehouse in, and that we wouldn't be able to have a treehouse anymore.  Much later, I realized that there was probably never going to be a treehouse.  Well played Dad.

Awesome couch, right?
Now I'm just praying that none of our trees fall.  We like our shade :)

Do you have any happy hurricane memories?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My 32nd Week in Droid Pics!

This week started out with A LOT of rain, so there aren't many pics from the beginning of the week, but the end of the week more than made up for it!  


It rained, so we played with our tunnel inside.

It poured, so we had pillow fights.

Hubby visited a new Life Is Good store and brought home some goodies.

We started our anniversary with a family breakfast at our favorite diner.  

O loooooooooves waffles! 

JD fell in love with his rain boots and insisted on wearing them after all the rain.   He can put them on by himself, so no complaining here!

Hubby and I had a date at the dentist, and I learned I am grinding my teeth really bad.  Guess who's sleeping with a night guard now? Sexy, I know.

A kid-free meal out.  And that dress you can't really see in this pic? It's the one I wore to our rehearsal dinner 4 years ago.

O sucked on his toes for almost the entire ride into the city. 

We had lunch at my favorite spot in Chelsea Market.

And JD got to watch the colors change in the fountain.

We enjoyed the sunshine along the High Line and shared a shaved ice from  People's Pops.

We also found our new favorite street vendor, Kudu-lah, and JD picked out a new friend.  He has been carrying "Plumb" with him everywhere since!

Enjoying the view

The High Line is a must-see if you are visiting NYC!

O flirted with all the ladies at his casting

I stopped putting food in front of O for 30 seconds to take a pic of the boys with my brother, and this is what he thought of that.

We killed some time at a completely empty playground.

My monkey man

 The Lot is going to be my new favorite spot.  Do I need to say more than fancy food carts, a huge bar, and a roller skating rink?

I really would have enjoyed sitting at the bar for a quick drink, but we were about to drive home, so we had some incredible iced tea from the Taim mobile.

JD was so excited to go see Grandma & Grandpa at the beach, he wore his sunglasses at breakfast.

Mr. Sandman

My dad grew this freakishly large cucumber.   And JD is going to eat it up with dinner tonight!
I hope that wasn't too NYC-tourismy, but when I have to drive the boys in for modeling stuff, I try to make the most of the day, and I find new gems each time.

Did you take phone pics this week?  I'd love to see them.  Visit Amy for the code, and link up!  

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