Tuesday, September 15, 2009

JC Penny has great Christening outfits!

my handsome JD
My sister, James' Godmother, looked everywhere for a suit for his Baptism.  There were gorgeous gowns everywhere, but not a big selection of suits.  Even Strasburg only had very plain outfits for boys.
She struck gold at JC Penny.  The suit is just two pieces, but it looked as if he were wearing a shirt, tie, vest, and shorts.  It has a little cross design on the vest and tie, and it fit him comfortably and was easy to put on.  Price was great, and she even got 10% off because it had a tiny smudge on the back!
As you can see, he loved it!
You can see JC Penny's great Christening gear selection on their website.

Baby O is getting Christened in a couple weeks, and JD's outfit is too small!  Back to JC Penny we went, and I have to say, if anything can rival the cuteness of JD in his suit, baby O will!

O is ready for his Baptism in his suit from JC Penny!


  1. This is also helpful. Baby Pucci will be baptized on Halloween (kind of strange, huh?) and I was wondering where to go get his outfit. My daughter was easy b/c my mom still had my gown. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Hi there : )
    Shopping online or in-store? which usually would you prefer? actually wondering lol.. i favor in-store just because i don't really like expecting it to arrive!

  3. Definitely in-store for things like this. I'm a HUGE fan of on-line shopping, but for this, I wanted to really see the quality and shiny-ness. Know what I mean?


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