Monday, August 31, 2009

Beware of Babies R Us return policy! Read before you register!

As stated on their webpage, Babies R Us "will gladly accept returns on merchandise within 90 days of the original purchase date."
The problem:
My in-laws bought us the travel system we registered for.  They bought it right after we registered in March and gave it to me at my shower in May.  A couple weeks after our baby was born in July, we decided to try out the stroller and discovered a defect.  We called Babies R Us, but they could do nothing for us, even though the product was defective and even though it was from our registry.  It was after 90 days.  Luckily we were helped by the manufacturer, but it took a whole afternoon of phone calls.
Because most people register more than 90 days before the products will be used, this new policy is causing a lot of headaches.  And remember, they will not accept returns within 90 days without a receipt unless it is from your registry.  Make sure you save those gift receipts for gifts not on the registry, and don't register early for gifts you may want to return!  (You'd be surprised how many gifts you end up returning!)

"Bright Starts Baby's Play Place" is AWESOME!

This is a great play mat!  We especially like that the sides fold up, making it like a shallow box.  It keeps our little dog away from him as he plays on the floor, and we keep a couple small stuffed animals inside for him too.  (Funny story- We had trouble in the beginning with our dog trying to snatch the baby's toys out of here, but lately she's been dropping her own toys on the mat.  I think she's learning to share!)
When the sides are down, it's great for tummy time, and he loves feeling the different textures and crinkly fabric.  When he's on his back, we dangle a few of his favorite toys from the bars, and he bats at them with his hands and feet.  He also loves checking himself out in the mirror that comes with it.
When I need to get things done around the house, he can entertain himself in here for a while.  Well worth the money!

"Koala Baby Plush Sheet Saver" Great for little messes, but not leak proof!

I  have to admit that I was hesitant to try Sheet Savers at first because of all the scary stories about putting unnecessary things in your baby's crib.  But after my first experience changing the sheets in the middle of the night (I actually had to change them twice that night!!), I gave them a try.  Tied on tight, they seem perfectly safe, especially because my baby is not rolling over yet.  They are a lifesaver when there are minor spit-ups or tiny diaper disasters.  However, I have found them to leak through when there is a major diaper leak or a monster amount of drool!
For now, I lay my guy along the length of the sheet saver so that spit-up and diaper leaks are covered.  When he gets too long for this, I will need to turn him horizontal and choose to place either his head or his bottom over the saver.  Or maybe I could just tie on two!  I would recommend having a few of these- especially if your baby spits-up a lot!

You can get them here!
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