Monday, February 28, 2011

Favorite Trips from my Childhood

Since it's practically March, I wanted to ease into Travel Month with a blast from my past.  

Growing up, my family LOVED road trips. (Lately my parents only fly to spectacular, tropical places.  I feel slightly slighted.)  My mom houses all the evidence, but when I was a baby, they drove from NY to AZ with me and my grandparents in a station wagon in the summer with no AC.  It was hard core.

We frequented the somewhat local favorites: Sesame Place, Hershey Park, and The Land of Make Believe.

Back when it really looked like a street.
Was I the only one there?
This pace must have been pretty boring because the only clear memory I have is of the monorail we took form the parking lot to get inside.

But the best by far was when we drove (yes, DROVE- from NY) to Florida to visit grandparents and Mickey!

How did their marriage survive without GPS or Mapquest?
I was crying right before this was taken because I was "too big" and therefor not allowed to sit among the stuffed Mickeys.  My sister was (and still is) an itsy bitsy thing.
I sold hubby on taking the boys to Disney when they are young based on the awesome memories I have of my baby brother being in awe of the "magic".  Please ignore my awesome pre-teen fashion sense.
No trip was EVER complete without a stop here!
What are your favorite childhood vacation memories?

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

My 7th Week in Droid Pics

We didn't leave the house much this week because the school break makes all of our favorite spots crowded with older kids, and we spent a lot of time cooking and cleaning for the two nights we had company, but it was still a great week!

My BFF got me this shirt from a vineyard she stopped at while traveling. 
(Our last name is Huber.)
O had his head sonogram today, and everything is a-okay!

We went to breakfast after, and here are my attempts to get a pic of the adorable face JD makes when we ask him to say please.  He only makes it for a quick moment, and I was unsuccessful at timing the Droid.

Later I found JD napping like this!

mmmmm Leftovers from last night's dinner party.

Then it was definitely time for a bath!
"Mom, I wanted that sauce to stay on my face!"
O has officially reached the everything-must-immediately-go-in-my-mouth stage.

O turned 4 months old today! Crazy, right?!
He really is always this happy :)
We did a little shoe shopping today. JD's 6.5s are getting a little tight. I only got him 7s because the next size up looked like clown shoes which means we'll be back soon.  Both my boys have BIG feet!

Not quite big enough for mom's boots yet.
That afternoon, my parents stopped by on their way home from their trip to pick up their dog.  
Ava was a little sad to see him go.
We had a house full tonight! 7 kids all under 4!
This table is where we hide all our stuff when company comes over.  It's also the perfect height for loading & unloading infant carriers.
We took a quick trip to the library, and then I got together (babyless!) with my old college roommates to celebrate the year we turn 30!

My new uff da came just in time  :)

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Birthday Party Ideas

JD was born 20 minutes before the 4th of July, so his parties will always be on the holiday weekend.  Last year we had a Sports All-Star 1st Birthday party with red, white, and blue stars and sports stuff everywhere.

For his second birthday, I'm thinking of doing a firework theme. (I'm already picturing the video montage of the party set to the Pink song.)  

I've seen some cute ideas for firework cupcakes and favors.  I think 2 is a bit young for sparklers, but what about snaps?  I can probably handle Uncle Sam Top Hats for party hats.  Any other ideas out there?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Personalized Baby Gifts

My Mother-in-Law was asking for gift ideas for a friend's grandbaby.  Since they already know the sex and name, I suggested a personalized gift.  It got me thinking about all of my favorite personalized items that the boys have received.

JD loves reading books about him, because everything is better when it is all about you!
(From I See Me and My Fairy Tale Books)

Both boys got photo albums for Christmas, and they love pointing at all their friends and family.
(From One Step Ahead)

This was for JD, but O wears it now because it is the snuggliest!
(From Beba Bean)

Hubby especially liked when the boys received these.
(From Ink Pixi)

All six sides can be customized, and these can be given for different occasions to build a family block collection.
(From Memories and Milestones)
What are your favorite personalized gifts?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My 6th Week in Droid Pics

I am really enjoying this project, because it is reminding me to take pics of the little everyday things.  And someday, those will be the moments that I want to remember.  I feel like these random daily pics really capture the personality of my boys and this time in our lives.  I had a tough time choosing pics for this week, so I included way too many. 


New way to watch Elmo = standing on the table.

I don't like the white ones.
Valentine's Day!

We went to ihop, and JD (and daddy) totally enjoyed his smiley pancake :)

We have a hair theme for this day.

My baby girl was groomed.

My I-spent-nap-time-reading-blogs-instead-of-showering hair secret = hot rollers & dry shampoo.

There is no secret for this hair!

No hair here! Just a yummy, low-fat, cholesterol-free strawberry apple crumble.

JD now wants to be a cashier when he grows up.
I am officially a SAHM until Sept. 1, 2012!

O stayed up late, so he got to watch us do our Kenpo X.

We went for a walk.
We cooked up some super healthy mushroom turkey burgers, and even JD cleaned his plate! (Hubby rolled his plate up into a tortilla and covered it in tobasco, so I don't know if he is sold on this healthy diet yet.)

O attempting Yoga X.
We are watching my parents' dog while they are on vacation.  It's going to be a crazy week!

JD is very entertained by them.

"Hey! That's my pillow!"

The pups were not as excited about playing house as JD was.

Did you take phone pics this week? Head over to Amy's and link up!

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