Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Squeezing the Last Drops Out of Summer

Tomorrow I report back to work for the first time since June 2009.  One week from today, I will start teaching again.  I've known these days were coming, but I'm still left scrambling to fit it all in.  We've spent the past couple weeks doing all our favorite summer things, and I can't wait to share our adventures.  (You can get a sneak peek at a future post over at Suzanne's blog today.)

My parents have a camper that they park at the beach just about every other week in the summer, so we get a lot of mini beach "vacations" throughout the summer.  I've already shared tips for camping with babies, so now I'll just dump pics of all the fun we had.

toddler collecting shells smith point beach

baby building sand castle

toddler throwing clams back into the atlantic ocean
A ton of (live) clams washed up on shore.  It was sad and stinky.  O helped some other kids who were determined to save them by throwing them back.

small dog staring down a deer
Ava wanted to be friends.

grandpa digging hole for baby
Grandpa Bob is the best at burying toddlers in the sand.  They love it!
toddler playing at smith point beach
The water is pretty calm compared to other ocean beaches, and they have no fear!
We're hoping to spend at least one more solid beach day there this year- I need something to look forward to!


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