Monday, August 31, 2009

"Bright Starts Baby's Play Place" is AWESOME!

This is a great play mat!  We especially like that the sides fold up, making it like a shallow box.  It keeps our little dog away from him as he plays on the floor, and we keep a couple small stuffed animals inside for him too.  (Funny story- We had trouble in the beginning with our dog trying to snatch the baby's toys out of here, but lately she's been dropping her own toys on the mat.  I think she's learning to share!)
When the sides are down, it's great for tummy time, and he loves feeling the different textures and crinkly fabric.  When he's on his back, we dangle a few of his favorite toys from the bars, and he bats at them with his hands and feet.  He also loves checking himself out in the mirror that comes with it.
When I need to get things done around the house, he can entertain himself in here for a while.  Well worth the money!


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