Saturday, September 19, 2009

The First Years Happy Flyer Tummy Time...he likes it!

I was a bit nervous once I put this together that he would be scared and off balance up there, but he responded to this with excited cooing (and a little spit up)!  His arms aren't quite long enough to twirl himself around, though he did move himself a little accidentally when reaching for the mirror.  As, you can see, just a few days on this flyer, and he is holding his head much higher. Once his arms grow a bit and he can place his palms on the floor, I can see this toy as really helping him get ready for crawling.  He does get a little fussy after 5 minutes or so, but that is no different than on any other tummy mat, and he really is working hard while he's up there (he makes those "man at the gym" grunting noises).  He is very secure on the platform, which is curved to contour to his little body.  There is also a nice variety of things to look at and hear around the mat.  My dog got very excited when she heard the squeaking and crinkly fabric!  (Why do dog toys and baby toys all make the same sounds?)  The last positive note is that when he does spit up from excitement, the mat below the platform is just big enough to catch it and easy to clean.  :)

You can get one here!


  1. that is so cute!

    hello from a fellow west babyloner!

  2. that is sooooo cool! i have never seen that before.

    p.s. baby looks adorable in his christening outfit!

  3. WoW! Where was that when my girls were that size? They both hated tummy time. Probably because their face would hit the ground hard when they got too tired! :( Awww What an ingenious idea!

    P.S. I too love all ur little mans photos, he is a cutie pie!


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