Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Infantino Surfboard Tummy Time Mat" is cute but unnecessary

The design of this mat looks great, but you can accomplish the same goals by rolling up a towel under his chest during tummy time.  The attached pillow gives him needed support when on his tummy, but the small toys and water feature are useless.  We're encouraging him to look up when he is on his tummy, but the floating creatures are under his nose.  He also likes the way the plastic water thing feels and won't stop trying to suck on it! haha
I'm now looking for a good mat that has a mirror or something to look at that will encourage him to lift his head.
Here is Ava showing James how tummy time is done!
Here is a funny video of my husband finding alternate uses for the mat! haha


  1. Ha! This is the very first baby thing I'm getting rid of instead of keeping "for the next one". It wasn't much of a hit at our house and the thing with the water in it is starting to grow mold.

  2. gross! Thanks for the tip about the mold!


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