Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Should have tried this sooner...

We got our Maya Sling wrap last week, and I've been practicing every chance I get.  James is too big for the infant carries and too little for the hip carry, so we've been using the kangaroo carry mostly.  (My husband is slightly disturbed by this carry because it looks like the baby has no legs.)   He really enjoys this for about ten minutes, and then he is squirming and stretching.  Unfortunately that means I haven't been able to get much accomplished while wearing him.  I did try a nursing carry with him also, but he didn't like being so restricted (he never liked being swaddled) while eating.  I was really bummed about that because I can see how the wrap sling would make nursing in public easier and more discreet than just a hooter hider.
I do believe that if I had started using the sling sooner, he would have grown accustomed to it and would be less fussy. I do hope that once he is ready for the hip carry, we will use this a lot more.
I will keep practicing and will post updates if he grows to like it.  Please leave a comment if you have any advice for how else I can use this sling (besides future baby #2)!

**UPDATE- put him in sitting up, facing sideways with his head by the rings and his legs out straight. He likes this and will stay in it for over an hour while I'm shopping or doing things around the house- as long as I'm moving! Once I stand still, he fusses. He likes looking out at the world, but he also nuzzles into my chest when he is sleepy. Much better than the kangaroo carry where he has no choice but to look out.

You can get one here!

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  1. Sorry Kimberly! No words of advice here... Sophia hated being in the sling from day one, probably because i waited too long to put her in there, just like you.

    Hoping he adjusts to it so you can get things done!



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