Thursday, November 12, 2009

Graco Nasal Clear Sucks.... in a good way :)

JD had a very runny nose this week, and using the traditional bulb aspirator was torturous!  I ran to Babies R Us (Yes- even though I hate them, they are close to home) and scoured the first aid isle for options.  There were a few different battery operated vacuum aspirators, but I chose this one for one reason... the clear collection cup.  I knew my hubby would be fascinated, just like he is with our bagless vacuum.  Who doesn't like to see what they are sucking up?  haha
This model also plays over a dozen different tunes (it's that annoying baby toy music, but it's enough to distract him).  It worked great, and he didn't fight it as much as he fought the bulb.  It is easy to clean- just turn it on under running water.  This was a lifesaver!
**UPDATE- He totally loves this now.  He actually smiles when he sees it coming and will lie calmly while we get the boogies out.  Sometimes he tries to catch it in his mouth which is a bit disturbing, but overall, we are very happy with this  :)
**NEW UPDATE- It died this morning!  The music still works, but the vacuum doesn't.  We tried changing the batteries, but that wasn't it.  I'm going to contact Graco.  Even though it died, I want another because it worked and he liked it.
**NEWEST UPDATE- Graco quickly sent me a brand new one and a label to return the broken one for free.  Thanks Graco!

You can get it here!


  1. SO wish I had one right now! :o( My baby is MISERABLE and the closest BRUS is an hour away!!!

  2. You should try a Nosefrida, I like it better than the battery operated ones... really works great and you see what comes out too.

  3. i always wanted to buy it but thought it would be a waste of money. thanks for letting me know it's not. i'll have to buy it next time sophia is stuffy (which i hope is never).

    p.s. i hate babies r' us too!

  4. I gotta try it. How long from the time u had it until it died? Days? Weeks?

  5. It died a couple weeks after we started using it- and we were using it pretty frequently. As soon as I contacted Graco, we had a new one in days.


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