Tuesday, January 11, 2011


JD loves the blocks at our ped's office, but I can't find an affordable version for him to have at home.  This morning he was playing with some empty diaper boxes, and I got an idea!

Initially my plan was to cover them in the Sunday Comics, but I wanted them to last longer.  I bundled up the boys and headed to the fabric store, (because there are so many other things I should have been doing, but this was more fun) and found this awesome rubbery basketball material on clearance!  It was meant to be!  

After tearing the house apart looking for my glue gun, I was ready.

You can't tell from the pic, but the material is textured to feel like a basketball!
 I basically wrapped the boxes like a gift, except that I cut slits at the sides so that they lay flat and were more stackable.

 I put drops of hot glue to hold the edges in place, and then when it was all wrapped, I went back and sealed all along the edges.

Baby O helped while JD napped!
 Ta Da!

I bought four yards of the material and have plenty left over for more boxes.  I only used the heavy cardboard boxes (JD was insisting on using a cereal box, but it was way too flimsy), so we'll make more after we get through more cases of diapers.  It took about 20 minutes to make five blocks, and it cost less than $40!  As long as JD doesn't jump on them, they should last a long time.  Woohoo!

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