Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tonight is the Night!

We are tossing the paci!
JD's favorite Avent paci

I planned to do it at 3 months, then 4 months, then 6 months, then 1 year...

At his 18 month well visit, our pediatrician said the sooner the better.  His advice:  Since JD is old enough to understand what we say, we need to make a big deal about him being a big boy.  We should explain pacifiers are for babies, like Baby O, and offer him a shiny new surprise if he trades in his paci.  He only got his paci for naps and bedtime, so hopefully it won't be too traumatic.  We picked tonight because we have nothing planned for tomorrow and are anticipating little sleep once he doesn't have the comfort of his paci (most nights he wakes up at least once in distress because it has fallen from the crib or he can't find it).
Our babysitter told me that her younger sister had a serious addiction to her pacifier, so her mom made it disappear one day and told her that one of her dolls took it.  She mourned for days and never touched that doll again.
How did you kick the habit with your little one?  Please share any words of wisdom!!

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  1. Evan HATED the paci, which was a pain when he was a baby but now means we don't have to go through this. But a friend who had twins had a lot of success explaining to them that pacis were for babies and they needed to send their to new babies who wanted them. She put them in a box and taped it up and they went out to the mailbox and everything. Then when the twins asked for them before bed she reminded them the new babies had them. They only asked once and then never again. I was amazed!


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