Saturday, January 15, 2011

We love our Summer Infant Color Video Monitor So Much We Bought a Second One!

When I first registered during my pregnancy with JD, a close friend told me I was nuts for wanting a color video monitor.  She said to just get a cheaper, basic monitor, and that way I would get more of the things I needed at my shower. But I knew I would be more at ease with the video option.  
I definitely do not regret it!  Even though JD is sleeping through the night (most nights), I still use this monitor in his room.  In the morning, I can tell if he is ready to get up based on what I see.  It also allows me to see funny things he does and capture videos like this:

Unfortunately, the video did not come out clear, but imagine 
seeing him staring down the camera and waving!  Hilarious!

At night, I only leave the receiver on for the camera in Baby O's room (two receivers on the night stand are a bit much, even though there is only a small amount of white noise from them).  But in the morning, I can switch the channel to JD's camera and see what he is up to.  During the day, I can turn the focus of the camera in JD's room away from his crib and watch him play from another room.  This helps a lot in the evening when I am cooking dinner or taking care of baby O.  It is so sweet to see how he plays when nobody is watching.
My husband jokes that we are going to leave the cameras in their rooms until they are 18. Right now, I am just enjoying the ability to peek in at my boys without disturbing them (or getting out of bed)!

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  1. Such a cute video!!! Jackson doesn't realize I can see him, but once he does I'm sure he will be doing the same thing!


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