Monday, February 28, 2011

Favorite Trips from my Childhood

Since it's practically March, I wanted to ease into Travel Month with a blast from my past.  

Growing up, my family LOVED road trips. (Lately my parents only fly to spectacular, tropical places.  I feel slightly slighted.)  My mom houses all the evidence, but when I was a baby, they drove from NY to AZ with me and my grandparents in a station wagon in the summer with no AC.  It was hard core.

We frequented the somewhat local favorites: Sesame Place, Hershey Park, and The Land of Make Believe.

Back when it really looked like a street.
Was I the only one there?
This pace must have been pretty boring because the only clear memory I have is of the monorail we took form the parking lot to get inside.

But the best by far was when we drove (yes, DROVE- from NY) to Florida to visit grandparents and Mickey!

How did their marriage survive without GPS or Mapquest?
I was crying right before this was taken because I was "too big" and therefor not allowed to sit among the stuffed Mickeys.  My sister was (and still is) an itsy bitsy thing.
I sold hubby on taking the boys to Disney when they are young based on the awesome memories I have of my baby brother being in awe of the "magic".  Please ignore my awesome pre-teen fashion sense.
No trip was EVER complete without a stop here!
What are your favorite childhood vacation memories?

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  1. Hilarious! I loved some Hershey, PA.

    Where is Sesame Street?

  2. @Shannon
    Langhorne, PA! It's adorable. We're planning to take the boys this summer :)

  3. We love Disney and just got back! I don't remember going as a child but man did we do road trips! Such happy memories!

    I am planning a road trip for us this summer! Awesome that you are starting a travel series!

  4. We use to live close to South of the Border. We laughed everytime we passed that place! And yes we have a picture in front of it also!

  5. I loved the childhood pics! Will come back later for sure! #cocktail

  6. Ohh I love this and all the old pictures!! How amazing!! I didn't even see your sister sitting up there with stuffed mickey! i was really lost for a second!! soo funny

  7. You got to go to Sesame Street? I didn't even know you COULD go to Sesame Street.

    The only holiday trip I remember is when we took the bus from Regina, SK to Toronto, ON. 3 days and 2 nights on a greyhound. It was soon discovered that I get car sick.


  8. @Holly @ Roller Coaster Life yeah- she is that tiny :) I'm going to have to steal my parents' photo albums to scan in some more. This post was so much fun to do!

  9. @Madison
    Oh no! That is a BRAVE trip! My sister got car sick. Driving to Florida was not pleasant with her!

  10. omgggg I can't even imagine driving (with kids, no less!!!) from NY to AZ or FL. AH! Great old photos, haha, love them!

    I loved our fishing trips up north as a kid the most, I think!

  11. What a fun post! I also went to Hershey. And Knoebels. And in 3rd grade, my grandparents drove us from PA to FL for Disney. That was probably my favorite trip.

    Stopping by from the #cocktail hour. Your header is too cute!


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