Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Not Another Snow Day! (at Long Island Children's Museum)

Our Baby Boogie class was cancelled this morning because of the latest snowpocalypse (which made me extra sad because it was going to be O's first class), but it wasn't even snowing, so we packed up and went to the Children's Museum.  It was our first time, and it was so awesome that we bought a membership!  I had to drag him out of every room, so it goes without saying that we will become regulars.  I hope it doesn't get crazy crowded when there isn't a snowstorm to be scared of.  We practically had the place to ourselves!

It had a beach!

Mommy closed her eyes and pretended it was real.

I had to tackle him to keep him from climbing on the table and knocking over the impressive block structure in the middle of the table.

He was overwhelmed.

Toothbrush practice

JD was not a fan of the bird's nest even after I told him it was Big Bird's.

Too many JDs to handle!

Get me outta here!

The calming sensory room worked!

Some of the instruments on display were seriously old ("old" in a cool museum way- not in an outdated toy way), and the kids could play on them!  

It bothered him that he couldn't sit and reach the controls at the same time, so he didn't spent much time here.

And the slide was a bit slow (notice the not-blurry pic from my not-that-great camera).

He ran from one thing to the next.

He crossed this bridge every time he came to it.

This is about as close to riding a real motorcycle as I want him to get!

With our membership, we also get into children's museums all over the world.  Anyone up for a play date in New Zealand?


  1. Your museum looks AWESOME. Our's is small and always packed. And since I'm not a fan of crowd's we don't go very often. I'm such a killjoy.

  2. Our cute little local children's museum has a reciprocal membership with the LI Children's Museum! I'm planning to buy a membership as soon as the weather stops being such a PAIN IN THE ASS and we can actually get out of the house once in a while. You should come up and visit :)

  3. I'd love to take Fi to the children's museum. I gotta look for one near me. How far into Long Island is it?


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