Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My 9th Week in Droid Pics: Traveling!

I had this post almost ready to go- just had to add the pics from iphoto, but then we entered Sequoia National Park with no internet options in the rooms.  When we made it up down to the lodge, Picasa told me I was out of storage, and after ordering more, it would take 24hrs to reach my account.  No pics uploading for me.  So then I had to wait until we drove to Yosemite (and a much nicer lodge with internet ), and then realized my google account had an expired credit card linked up, so I had to start over.  2 days later, everything is set to go (I have enough storage to publish every pic I've ever taken.  haha)  At long last, here is our week in phone pics  :)

Travel day!
hangin' at the airport
a very happy traveler
waiting for our rental car

Checking out the Pacific for the first time.

We hit the San Diego zoo before driving north along the coast.

There are no pics of JD out of the stroller because we were too busy chasing him.  He's a runner!
Solana Beach (Our good friends' daughter was named after this beach.)

Disneyland!  I didn't take many pics on my phone, but there will be another video/pic recap someday soon.

O was still going strong at naptime.

We had a character breakfast and played in the pool before heading north to LA. 
Our meals with the characters were as fun as the park!

We checked out of our Hollywood hotel early, did a few touristy things, and then added a stop in Bakersfield.

I love wax museums :)

O was super flirty at lunch.
JD chose a booster seat instead of a highchair & did very well.
on the road agin...
We continued our big boy behavior by successfully drinking out of a glass at dinner.

We conquered Sequoia National Park!

All JD cared about was picking up sticks on the path.
I did not wear the right shoes. (In my defense, it was hot when we got in the car that morning.)
We were so lucky with the weather!

Did you take phone pics?  Go over to Amy's for the code and link up!

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  1. Great pictures, look like a fun time! Love the wax Shrek!


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