Saturday, April 16, 2011

My 14th Week in Droid Pics

We took a trip to the grocery store.
JD helped with the spring cleanup in the backyard.
O had his first Baby Boogie class at the library.  He put every prop in his mouth and cried if we tried to take it away.
JD pretending to be O.
We went out to breakfast, and JD passed the time stacking creamers.

I had to take O to a go-see, which meant yummy NYC pizza for the ride home.
I felt a little bad stepping back to take the picture, but he really is good at climbing.
JD realized he likes broccoli. 
It finally stopped raining, so we took a trip to the outlet mall to buy a gift for my friend's brand new baby boy!
JD took a ride.
He was really excited.  Can't you tell?
Hooray for warmth! (Ignore the dust.)
This is also the day I enjoyed my awesome birthday gift from Hubby!  

O helped me out in the kitchen.
Hubby thought it was really fun to take a bunch of pics of O pulling my hair before he untangled his little fists.
JD helped too!
We cheered on the dogs while they played basketball.
JD is great at finding dog poop in the yard.  He won't walk away until it is cleaned up.  And then he says "bye bye" to it.
We had the yellow-est meal ever (pork chops, corn, and mac 'n cheese) and followed it up with Just One Donna's yummy lemon yogurt cake.
Lowe's has the best carts ever  :)

We got the plants/bushes we needed for the yard.

I had to drag him out of the cart!

Did you take pics this week?  I would love to see them!  Visit Amy to grab the code & link up!


  1. O looks like he's having so much fun on your back, helping you out in the kitchen! :)

  2. i hate those giant "driver buggies" (as my kids call them). they are annoying and hard as heck to maneuver but we always get the darn thing anyway. anything for a happier, quieter trip through the store.

  3. I love the pics of O on your back while you bake. I feel like you should be wearing a cape with super mom written on it! And are those thumb print cookies? I made some with strawberry rhubard preserves once and they were so yum!

  4. I'm having the worst time commenting today! He is such a good jumper! Maybe, he'll be like the guy in the back in plyo. :)

    I don't hate the yoga because it's hard; I hate it because it's not good yoga. It's missing the spiritual/mind connection. Tony yells through half of it. I'm a yoga snob, so I prefer my :)

  5. You are a multi-tasking queen! Props to you!

    Stopping by LATE from #CommentHour

  6. Hi Kim,

    Stopping by from the forum on the 31dbbb on sits... saw your message and wanted to stop by and say "hi" and welcome you! we are still meeting on my site on thursdays to review the challenge and welcome you to join us there! it was a ton to take in for the month so our group wanted to meet on a more leasurely manner... i'm making the switch to wordpress after 2 years... i have been having a lot of commenting issues from followers and other things and i want to own my own material... blogger which is google really owns your stuff if you "house " it there so to speak... come on by on thursday and say "hi!"

  7. ps i forgot to say i love all of your above photo's.... lol...


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