Saturday, April 30, 2011

My 16th Week in Droid Pics

We had a very busy week!  It went by way too fast, and I couldn't believe how many pics I had on my phone.  Don't worry; I won't add them all  :)

Some Easter phone pics:

JD loved dying eggs.

I made a carrot cake bunny & piped on some cream cheese frosting  :)

O watching his crazy drumming brother.

O was 6 months old on Easter!
Counting his eggs

Sophie was a big hit!
Running around with Daddy.

O didn't mind that Daddy was napping.

Thank goodness the church we went to in PA had a baby/toddler room.  The service was much more enjoyable for everyone!

JD kept a wishlist as we walked through Ikea.

I want to put this kitchen on my wishlist!

This is my son putting broccoli in his mouth when there is perfectly good mac & cheese on his plate.  Weirdo!
O started solids!
And he loved it!  We had to make more & couldn't shovel it in fast enough for him. nom nom nom

It wasn't as nice as it was supposed to be, but we went to the beach anyway!

The boys had new pictures taken.

JD was too busy admiring himself to eat the pancakes I bought to keep him busy during O's shoot.
Matching car naps!

Daddy caught us reading  :)

Playing peek-a-boo at My Gym

I had a ton of cleaning/laundry to do, so I let the boys destroy the playroom.

They were playing together  :)

JD was 99% successful eating tomato soup at dinner.

O was up early with me to watch The Wedding.

We played with bubbles in the yard.  (We have 4 different kinds of grass & clover going on. haha)

I think Hubby enjoyed the bubble maker more than JD did!

We had dinner with friends, and JD made himself at home by trying on their shoes.

Busy day of cleaning & errands, so definitely needed a strawberry shake pick-me-up :)

Did you take phone pics this week?  I'd love to see them.  Visit Amy to get the code!


  1. Whoa, I'm SUPER impressed with your carrot cake bunny! And it looks like the boys really enjoyed Easter.

    Also impressive: fancy professional baby pictures & a kid eating broccoli. You're family is awesome!

  2. I love zonked out car-seat photos! How do they sleep like that?!?

  3. Love the duckie jammies! :)

    Looks like a fun week!

  4. your playroom looks soooo fun!! and you have me seriously craving a milkshake now :P

  5. I love the happy baby playing next to napping daddy.

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday. You should totally get out the crossstich stuff--although stitching with toddlers and babies around is a lot more complicated. :) I didn't do any until my kids were older.

  6. I love the playroom!!

    And I totally think that that would be the same case with any sort of bubble gun around here too LOL


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