Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's in the Basket?

I've been picking up things for Easter baskets for the last month, and I kept thinking I didn't have enough for JD. I was wrong.  It is O's basket that is a little light, but I'm sure he won't notice.  And there is nothing major or expensive in JD's basket, so I'm keeping it all.  I also make a basket for hubby, but I can't post it here in case he decides to read- but it is full of healthy things (and a little junk so he can share it with me).

JD's basket: construction paper, stickers, small shovel & rake toys, Annie's Bunny Graham Friends, Annie's Bunny Fruit Snacks, egg shaped sidewalk chalk, Play-Doh Spring Eggs, mini Mrs. Potato Head, orange jelly beans in a carrot shape, small Remo drum, Little People Wheelies, Goldfish Colors, and a small stuffed bunny.

O's basket: Sophie la girafe (JD never had one, and I want to know what all the hype is about), spoons (because someone will be starting some solids after Easter), Kevin Henkes' Owen's Marshmallow Chick, more Sock Ons, tiny maracas, shaker eggs, a cage bell, Oball set, and a stuffed peep (my favorite Easter candy- Hubby always stuffs my basket with them).

What do you put in your kids' baskets?

PS: I planned to decorate the baskets and take really pretty pics outside with them, but it's been rainy and my baby doesn't sleep, so I took them inside, in the dark, with a flash.  I know.  I have to pack everything up and take it to PA for Easter anyway, so assembling them perfectly to take them apart seemed silly.

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  1. Is it terrible that we don't do an Easter basket for our son? We dye eggs but that's it.

  2. I love the idea of doing an Easter basket for he husband. I am getting such creative thoughts with this one right now! Thanks a million!!!!!

    Stopping by from #commenthour to share some SITS love!

  3. Cute baskets! I just do a little one for the boy; with some candy and maybe a hot wheels car. he's easy to please, fortunately!

  4. so cute! i need to get to work w/ p's basket, but his birthday has been my main priority!

  5. aww i like thebidea of a basket for the husband... whatbkind of things wouldbu put in it

    1. Nothing crazy- his favorite candy... maybe a book or DVD.


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