Saturday, May 21, 2011

My 19th Week in Droid Pics

This week it rained. A. Lot.  But we kept very busy, and the sun is out now, so no complaining :)

I gathered up all the things I needed to start making decorations & favors for JD's birthday party.  The box is now sitting next to me looking exactly the same.
In the morning, we went to classes at My Gym and at the library.
Then we took the train to a go-see in the city.  O took a great nap.
JD did not.
We walked home from the train station and found this on the side of the road! (Picture me pushing the double stroller while dragging this along... haha)
JD was very anxious to clean it off and start playing, but it started raining.
Most annoying WWF game ever, but I did come back for the win!
JD really didn't want to share his blocks.
I gave one back to O.
JD turned his back and pretended it didn't happen.


The boys fell asleep in the car, so I drove through Starbucks and enjoyed the quiet!
We went to Hubby's gym to play, and I caught JD breaking into the lunch bag.

It stopped raining long enough to play in the new car.

Humidity does really fun things to JD's hair.

We finished P90X, and I got to the real gym 3 times this week!
I may or may not have started buying monster favors for O's birthday- over 5 months from now.
JD was trying to teach O to play catch.  He was remarkably patient!
JD showed off his mad jumping skills in this puddle while at a playdate.  Yuck.
O got his thumb super stuck in his paci.
But he is definitely enjoying this weather!
I had a great time shopping for pretty girl things for a gift.
I'm hoping you are all enjoying this non-rapturous day!  Did you take any phone pics this week?  I'd love to see them.  Visit Amy for the code and link up! (Coming soon)


  1. How was P90X? I've been thinking of doing it! :)

  2. It looks like you had the same weather as we did - I thought I might go crazy. And I no longer feel even a LITTLE BIT crazy for planning birthdays 3 months ahead. Thanks for that!

  3. @TerinAleah It's ri-dic-u-lous! It 100% works, but it is HARD & frustrating- especially in the beginning, and it takes a lot of time every day.

  4. @Suzanne MY only consolation when I was over-due with O was realizing that his birthday was getting closer to Halloween, which meant I could plan a monster-themed costume party. I've been daydreaming about it ever since, which may be why I am procrastinating so badly about JD's party in less than 2 months.

  5. How awesome that you found that toy car! Hannah's sitter has one and Hannah is obsessed with the thing. She doesn't understand how to go forward in it yet, though. So she just pushes herself back into the wall and yells until you push her forward.

  6. I loove the pictures of them playing catch. How sweet!!
    And, I often savor quiet moments when my little one falls asleep in the car....two at the same time though, that's awesome!

  7. Yay for finding a cool thing on the side of the road. That never happens to me. Also, did you get the results you wanted with P90X? I'm almost done with the lean version, and then I'm going to do the classic version.

  8. @Shannon Yes, we saw great results, and we didn't even follow the diet! We did the classic version, and I think doing with hubby really helped because we pushed each other. He wants to start Insanity right away, but I really needed a break to catch up on all the things I neglected while we were doing P90X.

  9. Oh man that WWF game had me rolling! Sometimes I play and I'm like "THIS CAN'T BE FAIR!!!!" Your little guys are super cute, I especially like the catch playing tutorial. So sweet. Ooo and the monster favors! I think for my son's second birthday I will do a monster theme. He hasn't even turned one yet and I'm already planning the next one.

  10. wow, you actually finished p90x?? i think you're the first person i've ever heard of actually finishing it!! haha. and isn't getting all vowels in WWF the. worst??


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