Saturday, May 28, 2011

My 20th Week in Droid Pics!

This was a crazy week (hence no posts since Tuesday)!  Hubby was away for most of it, we visited my parents for a couple days, and we took two trips to the city.

We went out for breakfast before Hubby's flight.  This is my son dipping his pancake in ketchup.  Whatever makes you happy, kid!
We dropped Hubby at the airport and went to a birthday party at My Gym.  Unfortunately it was nap time, and I swear I will never take them to a party by myself again.
Biggest teething ring EVER.

All JD wanted to do was wear the hat and eat pizza!
We drove out east to visit my parents.

I don't think the bouncy seat is a safe option anymore.

Uncle Justin helped with a sticker book.  
JD had a go-see, and my brother tagged along to see what it's like & to help with O. (It was definitely not as glamorous as he expected.  We were in & out & back to the car in less than 30 minutes.)

But we upped the coolness factor by visiting the only drive thru in midtown.

We celebrated O turning 7 mo. by visiting Safari Adventure.
We were killing time at Babies R Us when I spotted some pics of JD from a shoot last September.    I had given up on ever seeing those!
Hubby's flight was super, SUPER delayed, so we had dinner at Panera, and he took a cab home after the boys were in bed.

We were back in NYC bright and early for a job for O.  He will be appearing on the packaging for a Casper the Ghost costume this Halloween.

When we got home, JD occupied himself for a long time pouring water back and forth between these two buckets.  
JD spent the morning in his snow boots and bike helmet.  He even let O try it on  :)

We took advantage of the summer weather and hit the beach!

O loooooooves the sand!  And I will be adding the beach to the list of places that it is impossible to enjoy when you bring 2 babies by yourself.
JD "helped" me get started on some projects for his birthday party.

And O entertained himself.  This baby is awesome  :)

I am really looking forward to enjoying the rest of the weekend, and I promise I'll be preparing some fun posts for next week!  I need to find a good balance between daily posting and taking some down time to enjoy the sunny days and summer nights.  Got any big plans for the weekend?

Did you take phone pics this week?  I'd love to see them.  Visit Amy for the code, and link up!


  1. whoa, jd models!? that is awesome! and sam was gone most of our week too... it's hard isn't it!!?

  2. That is a massive teething ring! We also put Hannah in her bounce not that long ago and her feet were on the ground. She thought it was pretty funny.


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