Saturday, May 14, 2011

My 18th Week in Droid Pics!

Here is our week:

Mother's Day!

Hubby took the boys out for breakfast so I could sleep in (HEAVEN), and then he brought me takeout in bed. 

We spent a lot of time relaxing outside.

O loves standing.

And when he babbles, he YELLS!  We've been hearing a lot of ABABABA DADADA EEEEEEE!

JD wouldn't take off his bike helmet.  Daddy was driving, so it was kind of appropriate.

And it came in handy when he was playing on his cousin's scooter.

My biggest boy.

We visited the fish at the library.

And O spent most of Baby Boogie class admiring himself.

O is most certainly an awesome baby because he happily entertains himself while mommy cooks cleans puts her feet up.

We took a trip to the craft store to pick up things for JD's birthday party.

I let JD be in charge of the list, which probably wasn't smart because the kid can't even keep track of his shoes.

I dragged out the steam cleaner to clean some toys and finally got all the crusted up yuckiness off of the highchair.

And my box from Urban Organics came.  Gotta love Groupon.

I made muffin tin turkey meatloaf (we were not fans, so I won't bother with the link) and baked parmesan flavored fries (awesome!)

We took a trip to Lowes for more plants, and somebody didn't want his picture taken.

We visited Daddy at work, and JD improvised a golf/kickball/baseball game.  He's going pro  :)

We went to see a performance of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie at the LI Children's Museum.

JD was scared every time the mouse came close to the audience (he was kind of creepy looking), but other than that both boys were very well behaved!

We followed it up with dinner at Applebees.

O spent the whole time smiling at anyone who would look in his direction :)
  I hope you had a good week!  Did you take phone pics?  Visit Amy for the code & link up! 


  1. Hey there! Stopping over from the iphone pics link party!
    Your boys are so cute! Your littlest must be close in age to my boy they are doing a lot of the same things. Including yelling jibberish, which my son thoroughly enjoys doing while we are in a particularly quiet place.
    Hope you can stop by my blog and check it out! Thanks!

  2. Your week looks so fun! I kept looking at the pictures thinking I want to move to NY and let our kids be best friends and just each fries all day. I'll be down on Tuesday, okay?

  3. Your Mother's Day looks amazing! What a great week!


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