Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Tip #3: Once Upon a Child

I had heard of Once Upon a Child, and I know some of my friends have sold items to our local store, but I had never been inside one before this past weekend.

After realizing that O had outgrown the bouncy seat my mom had bought for her house, she had talked to me about getting some kind of entertainer.  On Sunday, we were driving out to spend time at their camper at the beach, and we were going right past Once Upon a Child. (They have locations all over, so check their website.)  We parked, Hubby stayed in the car with the boys, and before I even went in, I was waving at him to look at a fancy double stroller on the sidewalk.  (I really wish I hadn't done that because all I have heard for the past two days is how we could have saved a ton and had a nicer stroller.)

I'll admit that I can be a bit of a snob when it comes to buying things for my babies, but this place was CLEAN.  And everything looked new.  If I had all day, I may have browsed up and down every aisle.  I may or may not have told hubby that I want to go back with him alone next time we have a babysitter.

I left with this exersaucer for $45, and it's actually cleaner and in better shape than the one at my house I got new for JD.

We also scored this walker for $20, which is a big improvement over this one.  His feet actually reach the floor!
And it tastes good!

All of the infant clothes still have tags on them (the only way they accept them), they had every toy, book, bike, and fancy bouncer or swing, and they are super selective about what they accept to sell.  I was told that they check everything for recalls and make sure each toy works and has all the pieces.

If you are looking to unload some of your baby gear, they pay you 30-50% of what they sell the item for.  Not too shabby!


  1. Very beautiful child, I like this little boy very much :)

  2. I wish there was a once upon a child closer to me! I have a few good consignment shops in my area and I love them. You can find some really unique and special things there.


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