Saturday, June 4, 2011

My 21st Week in Droid Pics

It was another big week here!  We've been busy with projects around the house, taking trips into the city and to Sesame Place, and Hubby left for another business trip.

We spent the night camping at the beach.  Eating smores & realxing around a camp fire after the boys are asleep is awesome :) 
"What are you waiting for, Mommy?"

Tons of sand, toys, his bike.... we can't get him to stop playing with the dog food.

When we got home, we spent the afternoon power washing and staining the deck.

I left to shower, and hubby may or may not have stained himself into a circle.  Good thing he's cute  :)
Getting animal crackers from the casting director made JD's day!

Stopping for Qdoba on the way home made Mommy's  :)
We got some new artwork.  Awesome.

Another trip to the city.  This time we stopped at Five Guys on the way home.  They totally don't judge when JD wants pickles  on his grilled cheese and tomato sandwich and eats it open-faced.  

O aced his vision test and totally rocked the pirate patch.
We drove to Sesame Place, and our awesome hotel had Elmo in the lobby.  High Five!
Grandma joined us for our fun mini-vaca

We were having such a great time, I only took my phone out when the boys were napping.
We hung out at the hotel and visited the pool.

Thanks, lady at breakfast who gave my toddler a maraca.  I'm sure you thought we enjoyed maniacal shaking.

"I have 2 new teeth coming in, and I was still super smiley and excited throughout the trip."

JD did not understand why the wet floor sign could not come home with us.  
Hubby is away at a basketball coaching clinic in Texas.  He says it's not a vacation, but he did mention a hot tub today, and he's playing an awful lot of basketball, so I'm not so sure.  


  1. How is it possible you do SO MANY fun things every single week?!

    Also, now I need some Five Guys. For serious.

  2. Looks like a fun vacation! I bet the boys just loved seeing all the sesame characters. Hannah's not too into sesame, but if they made a yo gabba gabba place I think she would never want to leave.


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