Saturday, July 30, 2011

My 29th Week in Droid Pics

The heat broke enough to take some walks this week, but besides that we laid low.

I promise he was much more excited about the watermelon than it looks.

Even more excited about the end of our baguette. 

We took a walk to the fro yo place.

I put together a storage unit for my laundry room all by myself.

Keep your hands on the wheels!

I created these peanut butter s'mores turnovers for moms' night out by combining a couple Pinterest recipes.

An early morning Friendly's trip.

O ate his toast like a big boy.

We played with bubbles in the backyard. 

The bubble machine blew his mind.

JD can now climb onto the counter. Awesome.

Ava took a nap with the puppets.


He looks so innocent. 

It was a walk-to-Starbucks-for-a-venti kind of day.

Waiting for daddy to get home so we can go for a walk/bike ride.

We walked to Petsmart to visit the animals.  JD loves cats!

Ava made a friend, too.

I wish Hubby wasn't allergic.  This one was a cutie!

That tank on the left had way too many fish in it.  I felt bad for them.

I was tired just watching this guy.

Thumbs up for Petsmart.

Did you take phone pics this week?  Visit Amy for the code, and link up!
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  1. We also went to Petsmart this week. I can't believe I hadn't thought of it before! Hannah flipped out looking at the animals. Lots of fun!

  2. Those popovers look amazing! Don't you love pininterest, too? Great inspiration!

  3. The counter climbing is freaking me out. I hope little Evan NEVER learns that one.

    The thumbs up killed me dead with cute.

  4. those peanut butter turnover s'more things???? what??? amazing.
    love the helmet shot too... you have a couple of cuties mama :)


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