Saturday, August 27, 2011

My 33rd Week in Droid Pics

We are ready for Irene!  Now we're just sitting around dealing with a toddler that won't nap.  There's just a bit of wind and rain out there now, but we're prepared for more.  And we'll have a house full of evacuated family tonight, so hopefully we won't lose power early and we can have a fun night of watching movies and talking.

Anyway- enough about the storm.... Here's our week!


We missed our usual farmers' market last Saturday, so we tried this one.  It was disappointing.

But JD did eat some spinach bread like it was cake.

O's "I didn't do it" face.

And I LOVE this face.

Hubby thought it was a good pic opportunity, too.

JD kept asking for a lime at dinner, so we gave it to him.  And he liked it.

Bye bye Daddy

We walked to Bed, Bath & Beyond, and took a pit stop in the dollar store for some hoops.

We started shopping for O's birthday party.  Well, if you don't count the things I've randomly picked up over the past few months.  Now I'm purposely going out for things.

JD took the stage at storytime.

And he learned that jumping up and down on your chair in a restaurant is not a good idea.  He is still talking about how much his BOO BOO HURT.
O turned 10 months old!  And I realized as soon as I got them both to bed that I hadn't taken any phone pics of the boys all day, so here are sleeping shots.

O LOVES his blankie.  As soon as you put him down, he rolls over and pulls it in under him.

I was really scared that JD was about to open his eyes.  I snapped this and snuck out fast.

We met up with friends at the "big playground" and JD showed off.

And refused to take off his sunglasses.

Sunglasses still on at storytime.

Where's O?

In the afternoon we went to a playdate where JD stood way too close to the bubbles.

And I had to turn O around 5 dozen times as he walked back and forth across the yard.  Get this kid a lawnmower.

We spent the end of the gorgeous day having dinner at the beach with friends.  They have seafood & live music here every night, and I really hope it survives the storm, because there are many more evenings this summer to spend here.

The kids played peacefully, and we have no idea what they were trying to do. 

We are having some house guests, so we took an early morning trip to the grocery store for breakfast goodies before Hubby left for work.  They were out of bags (and we forgot ours) so we had to use a big box.

The rest of the morning was spent relocating potted plants and making sure every person, dish, and piece of laundry was clean in case we lose electricity and/or water for a while.

I'm praying that the storm continues to lose power so we can enjoy a lazy family day tomorrow without too much clean-up! 

If you took camera pics this week, visit Amy for the code, and link up!


  1. It looks like a really fun week, before all the hurricane panic set in. My husband is still making fun of me for buying bottled water and prepping for a power outage...but he still went next door and put all our elderly neighbor's patio furniture and trash cans in her garage. Stay safe!

  2. @SuzanneWhat a great guy! Hopefully it weakens a lot before it gets up to you guys. I'm just tired of waiting for it at this point. Bring it!


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