Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Favorite: Folkmanis Puppets

One of JD's favorite things about his My Gym class is the puppet show at the end.  So for his birthday, we gave him a collection of Folkmanis puppets.  

Croc, rabbit, fawn, pig, turtle, duck, & octopus
I read all the great reviews on amazon, but I was still surprised by the quality because the prices were so reasonable (ranging from $10 to $19 each).  They are soft, sturdy, and easy for both big and little hands.  They are probably the highest quality stuffed animals he owns.  And even though it says to spot clean, I read reviews that told of washing machine success.

On your mark, get set, GO!
They also came with a tag that gives interesting facts about the animal, but JD didn't really care that pigs are the fastest growing farm animal (in 6 months they can weigh 200 pounds!) or that one rabbit couple can produce 13 million descendants in three years.

It doesn't look good for the pig, but JD said it was a kiss.
I keep looking wishfully at the DIY puppet theaters on Pinterest, but I don't think JD has the patience to sit still behind a curtain.  Maybe someday...


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