Saturday, August 6, 2011

My 30th Week in Droid Pics!

This was the Week of Poop.  I swear my kids pooped more in this first week of August than they did in the entire month of July.  The only good thing to come of it is that JD had his first poop on the potty.  That kind of counterbalanced him tracking dog poop all over my house after trying to hand me some.  He was cleaning up the yard; bless his little heart.


We had dinner with friends, and O climbed up to say hi to their baby.

And JD enjoyed all the little girl toys we don't have at our house.

I replaced the batteries in the music table, and now it's his favorite.

We visited the cats again.  They were napping.


Being very patient during O's photo shoot.  Pop tarts and a lollypop kept him busy the whole time.

My helpers

Watching them play together makes my week.

We took JD to a cardiologist because of his high cholesterol.  (For now, we are switching to low-fat milk, yogurt, & cheese and eating oatmeal every day.  If it doesn't go down in 3 months, we will go to a nutritionist.)

He wanted to keep the stickers after the test.

lunch on the train

He sat like such a big boy.

We hosted a playdate in the afternoon.  O entertained everyone by diving in and out of the pool.  Fearless.

We went to the beach for dinner & music.  This was right before the poopsplosion that covered the both of us.    Raise your hand if you've scrubbed poop out of your dress in a public restroom.

Of course Hubby stayed poop-free.
This may be breaking the rules, but I took this video on my phone, and it is too cute not to share.  He obviously gets his moves from his dad.

We went to a 50s-themed BBQ.  I love my big, crazy family!

Did you take phone pics this week?  Head over to Amy's for the code and link up!

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