Monday, August 15, 2011

Things That Are Annoying Me Right Now (more than they probably should)

There is just something about Mondays that makes everything a little more annoying.

WHY are there so many pieces?  Why can't I ever find the ones that go together?

How do the favorite toys end up against the wall, just out of arm's reach, under the very heavy crib?

Why can't 2-year-olds make their own bed?

Why do my organizational baskets scream "TURN ME OVER & DUMP ME OUT!"?

Why can I never find a house phone? And when I do, why is it always dead- except of course when it is in O's room, ringing during his nap?
Why did the groomer put these at-one-time adorable bows in my dogs hair with itsy bitsy rubber bands that are IMPOSSIBLE to remove now that they look gross?

 This though, so not annoying  :)

What's annoying you today?

1 comment:

  1. yes yes & yes!! the sippy cup straws drive me nuts. and they are impossible to clean! amen to this.


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