Sunday, September 25, 2011

My 37th Week in Droid Photos

This week seems like it took FOREVER.  We crammed so much stuff in, that last Sunday feels like last month.  I'm actually half hoping that this week speeds by, since Hubby is away for work, and half hoping it is slow so we can enjoy all the fun things we have planned, including a mini staycation in NYC!  And I can't believe it is going to be October, because that means my baby will be ONE.


We went to a couple local fairs.  The first had JUMPING
and walks around a lake.

We had awesome fall weather that required sweatshirts.  It has since turned back to yucky/rainy/humid.

The second fair had a carousel.  And that's about it.  It was pretty disappointing.

A soldier from our neighborhood returned home.  From our front door, we could see the fire dept. raising a flag over the street.

A quick trip to the city was followed by a stop at Five Guys.  mmmm

JD worked on his skills at the library.

O planted a wet one on Hubby.

Waiting for the train at the start of a very interesting evening.

O had a great time!

This made his next bath a little difficult.  "NO WASH ELMO!"

Rocking away- totally oblivious to the fact that people are playing with a parachute over his head.

O wasn't too sure about the spaceship ride at My Gym.

JD's second haircut.

My happy 11 MONTH OLD waved to everybody at the farmers' market.

JD stretched at music class.

Is 2 too young to hire as a babysitter?  (She's feeding him!)

Only 15 years & 1 month until he can really drive!

Nose picking photo bomb

Did you take phone pics this week?  I'd love to see them!  Click over to Amy's for the code & link up.


  1. JD is doing so much grown up stuff in these pictures! It's kind of crazy. And O being almost ONE is insane!!

  2. Great photos, you are a natural photographer..... what kind of camera are you using out of interest ?

  3. @4little1sThanks :) These are all taken with my phone- a droid by htc

  4. haha, love the nose picker. you guys DID have a crazy week! love all the pics :)


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