Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Camping With a Baby

Happy Camper Baby JD

I grew up a "camper".  My family's favorite spot to camp is at a county park right on the Atlantic.  We spend a lot of time during the summer camping with my parents, and for the past two years, that has included bringing the babies.  There are a lot of things about camping that can be dangerous for kids, but it can also be soooooo much fun.

Here is what I bring to make it easier (and safer):

JD's first camping trip
  • Pack n' Play. O sleeps and plays in it while we are camping.  When he and JD were super tiny, we brought the moses basket.
  • Portable highchair.  Sitting at a picnic table can be tough for little guys.  Plus, sometimes you just need somewhere to stick a baby so that they are safe.  
  • Camping toys.  We try to have special "camping toys" that are extra exciting (and occupy them for longer) because they only see them when we are camping.  These include a kite, remote control car, sidewalk chalk, cornhole, special teething toys that are easy to clean, and all kinds of balls.
  • Baby pool.  We use this on the beach and at the camp site.
  • Extra blankets.  Not just for sleeping, but for crawling on or snuggling up in around the campfire.  
  • A lot of snacks!  Duh
Any other tips are pretty similar to my road trip tips: things will get dirty (We use the term "camp clean", which means "clean enough for camp"),  pack extra sippy cups & pacifiers, go with the flow, and take a ton of pics.

We take a lot of walks while we are camping.  And it will be the perfect place to teach JD to ride a bike.

cornhole champion

kite time

where we put the baby
Are you a camper?


  1. I think it's awesome you're sharing your experience in such great detail.

  2. We love camping. And, yes, we took our babies. Gotta get 'em started young.

  3. Since I was 3 years old a camper. Grew up in Colorado and Utah and my parents loved it and I camped with all 4 of my kids when they were little. Those are some of our fondest memories. Love the national parks, love the hikes and campfires and stargazing at night. Love that there's no TV and relatively few other worldly distractions. Loved the card playing at night and I thing because of all the time outdoors it's why still today, when I want peace and need to center - I take a walk.

  4. I camped once with a baby....14 months. It was HARD. But we were in Yellowstone. In June. Where it could still snow. The cold at night was the hard part. It's easier now. I love the idea of camping toys. Thanks for sharing and happy SITS day.

  5. Great Tips! We've been thinking about taking our son camping for the first time this year (he'll be 1 in May) & I appreciate the tips!

    Happy SITS Day!

  6. Happy SITS day! I am not a camper but I'm trying to be!

  7. Your a brave soldier my friend!!!

  8. I used to go camping as a kid and loved it. We however have not gone camping as a family yet. I just can't see it going well with my boys. Maybe in a few years we will try it or when we decide to get brave like you.

  9. We are definitely a camping family--tent camping family! We've taken our daughters since birth!


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