Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My 38th Week in Droid Pics

This post is super late, but I've gone 37 weeks, and I don't want to give up now!  I feel like I'm always saying we had a crazy week, but this one was special.  Sandwiched in between two of Hubby's business trips, we took the boys to NYC for 6 days.  He met us at the end of our second day there and went straight to the airport as we were on the train headed home.  Somehow while we were there, it became October, and all those things that seemed so far away were OMG TODAY!

I think I bit off a bit more than I could chew in thinking I could still get a bunch of projects done at night in our quiet hotel room after the boys were sleeping.  Why did I think they would sleep?  Especially the toddler who would be lying in the super exciting, big, jumpable bed right next to mine?  Thank goodness my mom stayed with us the first night while Hubby was still away, or I may have completely lost my mind.

Anyway, here's our week!


Hubby left for a business trip this day, so he let me sleep in a bit & brought me breakfast before he left.  And I still think he owes me.
I took the boys to a Christening party.  We were seated with 3 child-less adults who were really good at pretending to be excited to sit with these guys and their lone parent.

I caught O putting the blocks into the box & then dumping them out- over & over.  I love that he can occupy himself!


Couldn't find rubber gloves, so I used a newspaper bag over my hand to dye the shirts for JD's Halloween costume.

I'm choreographing a HS production of Pippin (Yay Fosse!), and when you get me on your audition panel, you also get my boys.  JD is still talking about the dancing & asking me to sing the song.  "We've got magic to do..." over & over & over.
My kid is a hoarder.

I was trying really hard to get this guy ready for picture day & out the door on time

but this was going on in the backyard.  Seriously,  I called about the dead trees over a year ago.  Couldn't they come on a day that we were stuck at home? It would have been like free babysitting.

JD "sat" with Grandma on the train.

A long walk on the Highline wore him out.

O was super excited to be in charge of the map.

And I was super excited about the tapas bar in our hotel.  Yummy guacamole and margaritas for happy hour!

Walking around the block until they fell asleep and then transferring them to bed/crib sounded like a great plan, except I got tired way before they did.  But I couldn't be mad because they were giggling at each other, and that is just too cute.

We visited the 9/11 Memorial.  

Taking in the view from the top of the Empire State Building

Hubby arrived & we took a long walk to Central Park to go to the zoo.

And that walk included a stop at Godiva.

We met my bff for dinner and all had a good laugh at JD tossing pennies into the Madison Square Park fountain.  When we asked what he was wishing for, he answered, "more monies".

We spent the day at the American Museum of Natural History.

The rest of our trip will be continued next week.  I hope you've already checked out Amy's post, where I am linking up.  


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