Sunday, October 9, 2011

My 39th Week in Droid Pics

The weather has been so awesome the past few days, I had totally forgotten about the rainy mess the beginning of the week was.  We had a great end to our NYC vacation, and now we're savoring a last taste of summer.  And I'm also enjoying a lazy afternoon after some pretty crazy, busy days.


In case you didn't already know, we really love The Highline.

We were seeing these all over the place- a nice alternative to all the pretzels & "dirty water dogs" .

Hubby is a sucker for vintage T-shirts and looked through every single one this guy had.

We walked all the way to the lower east side for this, and it was soooo worth it!

This was a block from our hotel, and we ate here almost every day.


I think this horse wanted to come home with us.

jumping on the Big piano at FAO Schwartz

Hubby left for another business trip, and I somehow got all this stuff off the train & home.


The fire dept. visited JD's school, and he kept the hat on all day.

All O wanted to do was play in JD's room.

JD countered by playing in O's room.

goodnight kisses

chillin' in his swing at My Gym

Everybody wants to hold Ava's leash.
cleaning up the leaves

more My Gym

Our Mom's Club went bowling.  It was super adorable, but trying to get 12 toddlers to wait their turn when the activity included balls and knocking things over was a challenge.

the peanut gallery

He hit up a couple different fairs.  This one had a HUGE Chinese auction, but I didn't win anything  :(

After we paid to feed the animals, we realized it was the end of the day & nobody was hungry anymore.  

Can't get enough of these!
Did you take phone pics this week?  I'd love to see them!  Head over to Amy's for the code & link up!


  1. The guy who owns The Doughtnut Plant was on Top Chef Desserts last week!

    I think we need a family trip to NYC just to get my kid on the giant piano to FAO. That's amazing.

  2. Are some of those pumpkins painted like angry birds? Either way they are cute!

  3. wow, organic food stands? that is awesome! i sooo want to visit nyc. i'm jealous!

  4. @SuzanneYou MUST. We can play on the piano & eat doughnuts :)

  5. @WendyThere was an elderly woman painting them, so I don't think that was the intention, but they were adorable!

  6. @amy@agoodlifeIf you come, we could be your personal tour guides. My boys would have so much fun with Parker :)


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