Friday, July 13, 2012

A Gift for the Divorcee

Telling people you are getting a divorce isn't easy.  Hearing that a friend is getting a divorce isn't easy either.  As I have told friends about my situation, I've seen their shock, sadness, pity, and speechlessness, and I certainly don't have any answers as to what the "right" thing to say is.  But I have witnessed what the right thing to do is.  

I have been blessed with the most awesome friends and family.  They have listened and offered their support no matter what direction this takes me.  I also have a couple friends who seem to instinctively know what I need, and they have one thing in common.  They've gone through a divorce.  

It makes me feel guilty that I wasn't there for them in the same way during their rough time, but I hope they know how very much I love and appreciate them being here for me through mine.  

Recently a friend delivered a gift that simultaneously brings me to laughter and tears.  It is probably the most thoughtful gift I have ever received, and the perfect gift for anyone woman going through a divorce. 


It included a bottle of wine (notice it's already empty), 2 goblets that she painted to say "Worth It" & "Available", scissors (for some photo editing), a mirror that says "Still got it!", a back scratcher, and a couple snickers bars (because they're really satisfying, of course) (and they didn't last long enough to make it into the picture).  Best of all was the card, which read, "Life is filled with new adventures and some journeys we may not want to take, but where we end up is far better than where we were.  I'm here for you anytime and anywhere."  Who needs a husband when you have a friend like that ;)


  1. What a great friend you have! Not everyone you meet in life is going to be a keeper, but the friend who gave you that sure sounds like one to me.

  2. Ok, that is an AWESOME gift idea!!! Even if you aren't getting a divorce, actually (I like to edit photos, love Snickers, and wouldn't mind some wine…so I'd want that to be full)


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