Friday, August 31, 2012

Transition to a Toddler Bed: Take 2

After a very unsuccessful bedtime last night, I realized that there was just no way to get O to see the benefits of staying in his crib.  So I gave up, climbed to the attic, dragged down the conversion kit, and I no longer have any cribs in my house.  (sob)
baby climbing out of crib

He was super excited to hear that he wold have a "big boy bed", but kept insisting, "new orange bed!" (Maybe I shouldn't have shown his the pics of Amy's kid's bed...)  Since it was already past bedtime, I was hoping the conversion would be quick and possible with just one adult & two small helpers people.

toddler helping build bed
JD was a helpful screw counter.
It was easy and quick to convert the bed, and O didn't seem to mind the lack of orange (Grandma is getting him some awesome orange bedding for his birthday.)

finished toddler bed

In the end, the night was pretty much a success.  There were a few minutes of O knocking on his door to get out, but he made his way back to his bed and fell asleep faster than I expected.  I did, however, check on him before I went to bed and saw him sleeping like this- very similar to the antics his brother pulled, but more uncomfortable than comical.

toddler sleeping funny
I did pick him up and tuck him in after I took pictures.
I was hoping I could put off this transition until after we adjusted into our work/day care routine, but this kid works on his own schedule.  Hopefully today's nap will happen, because I'm looking forward to taking one myself!

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