Thursday, May 23, 2013


I was never a runner, and I never really had any desire to be one, but after my ex left, I started running. It was therapeutic in many ways- I felt stronger physically and mentally.  I was able to see progress- running further and faster.  And I started signing up for races.  (I wrote about my first one here.)

Last weekend, JD ran his first race: a half mile fun run before a charity 5k I was running. He was so proud of himself, and I know the feeling.  I'm glad we could share our race day, and I hope there are many more!

I was so afraid that he would run to me when he saw me along the route, but he didn't even acknowledge me!  He's such a little competitor.

kids first race
He wanted to run in his hat and sweatshirt.  It was raining, so I really couldn't argue.

This weekend I'll be at the Long Island Adventure Race, and next weekend it's a Spartan! Join me?


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