Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Swelling, Pain, and a Solution

I will start this by stating that I know how blessed I am to have had a healthy pregnancy so far.  However, the swelling (especially in my hands) has gotten out of control.  It's so painful in the morning that holding a toothbrush and washing my hair are things I contemplate skipping or begging someone else to do for me.  While at work, any amount of time holding a pen or typing leaves my fingertips numb and my hands stiff.

The good news is I got the a-okay from my obgyn tonight to use Arnica to treat the pain and swelling in my joints, and I couldn't be more excited.  I've never experienced swelling like this during my previous pregnancies, and when I did have any pain, I took regular Tylenol.  Since reading about a study linking Tylenol to ADHD, and an overall nervousness with medications during pregnancy, I was really hoping to get the Arnica approved.

The nice people at Boiron had sent me a couple of their Blue Tubes of Arnica 30C Pellets, and since I've known the Arnica Gel to work for me for post-workout pains pre-pregnancy, I'm optimistic that tomorrow morning will be much better.

I also received a tube of Calendula Cream from Boiron, which I had planned to use to treat some stubborn dry skin on JD's scalp.  But the plans changed when Keith and I got some wicked sunburn last weekend.  (I excitedly dug a hole in the sand for my belly so I could lie face down, fell asleep, and burnt the heck out of the back of my legs.)  It feels so good to slather on the cooling cream, and it will speed up the recovery, as the last thing I need right now is to be uncomfortable sitting due to sunburn.  

Boiron, the world leader in homeopathic medicines, has offered to ship these products to a lucky reader, so please enter below.  There is a wealth of information on Boiron's website (a long with a $2 off coupon), and they even have a free medicine finder app.  They also have a giveaway running for an awesome Grand Canyon adventure.

*Boiron sent me these products for free and is providing additional products for a winner.  The opinions, swelling, and sunburn are all my own.

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