Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March Update

We are STILL having snow days here, but hopefully I will be talking about SPRING in the next update.  Hopefully.

O had a special time at school as Star of the Week, and I was very happy to be able to visit his classroom. They were also celebrating Chinese New Year, so I read a book about what kindergarten is like in China and we practiced eating snack with chopsticks.  It was ADORABLE.

star of the week

eating with chopsticks

K3 passed his 6 month tests with flying colors- except for the hearing test because he didn't let them put the thing in his ear for long enough to get results.
baby vision test

baby well visit
The paper did not stand a chance.
The boys and I had a great February break from school, and although we didn't venture out in the cold often, we did visit the Cradle of Aviation Museum with my mom. 

All three boys continue to do well in their swimming lessons.  K3 is kicking on his own, O passed his level four test, and JD is getting more and more competitive.  

And just this past week, K3 turned 7 months!  He is silly and happy and curious and fast.  He is on the move and getting into things already. One of his favorite times is when I put him on the floor with a basket of toys that he can pull out and spread around.  

A serious pose

As far as Keith and I, there are exactly 101 days until the wedding!!  We have a bunch of offers on our home, and we are house hunting like it's our job.  It's like we are doing every stressful thing all at once, and then the rest of our lives will be cake.  I can't wait!

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