Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Best Nursing Bra Pad? Lansinoh wins hands down!

I tried Madela and Avent before discovering the Lansinoh pads, and Lansinoh is my favorite by far!!!
The Madela pads are shaped similarly, but are slightly smaller and thicker.  They didn't lay flat, and gave a lumpy appearance under clothes.  The Avent pads are even smaller and thicker, and despite their thickness, I had problems with leaking straight through!  I couldn't even finish the box of Avent pads because my husband kept making fun of the way they looked under clothes.  There was no way I could wear them out in public with a straight face.  They don't stay in place well enough to wear to bed- so totally useless!
The Lansinoh pads are super comfortable, full coverage, and leak proof (for me at least).  They have a sticker to hold them in place, but I don't even need to use it.  The backs are so smooth that they are totally incognito under clothes.  You can get them here!
Now that I'm smooth, I'm off to find a nursing bra with enough support!


  1. when you find that nursing bra, let me know!! I am having NO luck in that area... (34F!) so all I'm wearing now is nursing tanks. Would love to be able to wear a 'normal' shirt once in a while!! :o)

  2. I agree on Lansinoh. I'm due with a new baby tomorrow, and stopped at Target today to stock up on nursing pads. Even though they're more expensive than Avent and Gerber (cheaper than Medela), I remembered them actually getting the job done when I had Sarah 2 years ago.
    As far as nursing bras go, I've found that I prefer the sports bra nursers. When your breasts are so big, it's impossible to find shirts that don't reveal too much cleavage. The sports bra can almost double as a cami without generating the extra heat of a cami or nursing tank.

  3. Thanks for the tip Julia! I can certainly do without the extra heat! As for wearing a normal shirt- the only bra I've found that I can wear under a normal shirt without looking droopy is LaLeche League's underwire bra. I got mine from diapers.com in a size 34E- so I don't know if they go up to F, Annalise. It's not the most comfortable and it's a little harder to nurse with because the cups are padded, but it's the best I've found so far. I'm still looking!!!

  4. I have seen that one! I can't remember why I decided not to try it... (LOVE diapers.com, by the way!!)

    Bravado's got a couple new styles coming out this fall that look very promising! I'm hoping they will be what we're looking for?!!

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