Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Fisher-Price Take Along Swing- Woodlands" is much more portable than any other swing we've tried

This swing is wonderful for use around the house and for taking along when you're visiting friends and family!  It is super light and fits easily in the trunk- even with the stroller!  The baby loves it and even sleeps in it sometimes!  There are no hangy toy things on this swing, so I either stick my own on there, or place him in front of a window (we're still anti TV).  My only complaint is that the legs stay folded in, but the seat doesn't, so you have to hold it closed.  I wish there were some kind of latch system that kept it compact so that it didn't spring open.  But then again, if there were, I'd probably be complaining that it wasn't quick and easy to set up- which this one is.  I've mastered taking it out and setting it up with one hand while holding the baby!  Gotta love it  :)

You can get it here!


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