Sunday, March 7, 2010

I wish I had Dr. Carey's Baby Care Kit from Day 1!

My husband always embarrasses me at JD's check-ups because he asks so so so SO many questions.  I'll admit that they are good questions, and I want to hear the answers, but I don't want to be "those parents".   We chose our doctor very carefully, and she is incredibly patient with us, but I want to appear like we've done our homework and can handle the little guy.  The truth is, most of my info is obtained from skimming What To Expect: The First Year (who has time to really read all that- it's thicker than the Bible) and asking other moms on twitter.  

I wish I had Dr. Carey's Baby Care Kit from day one.  Not only are the items must-haves, but the incredibly informative book is a manageable 96 pages!  The pictures in this book are what make it far superior to any baby care book I've seen and would have saved me a lot of unnecessary worry.  For example, JD has Stork Bite on the back of his neck.  The picture on page 32 looked familiar, and it was reassuring to hear again that it is nothing to worry about.

Important note:  I would not read the chapter about messy diapers at the dinner table.  The pictures are priceless though.  None of my friends or family breast-fed, so I had no idea how different the diapers would be!  

More about the kit:
It comes with the book, Dr. Carey's Baby Care, a cute baby blanket, diaper rash ointment, pacifier, squirt bottle for homemade saline solution, digital thermometer, and a nose suction bulb.  The packaging is great- the box is even reusable.  It would be a perfect gift for new parents, or a great addition to your mommy library.

You can purchase a kit here for 49.95.  


  1. well, I would keep the kit, for sure! I love all the pictures... Just had to figure out a rash on my son, and I wish I had those pics when I needed them!! :o)

    my email is annaliseree[at]gmail

  2. I follow you already on twitter... does that count? :o)

    my twitter name is: annaliseree

  3. became a fan of Dr Careys on Facebook... #1

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  5. commented on one of your posts... Stay Home Stay Happy.

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