Monday, May 24, 2010

Beautiful Music! Beautiful Creatures!

We've been listening to this CD in my house for the last couple of weeks, and we're hooked!  Not only is the music catchy and rhythmic for JD, but it's also entertaining and educational for mom and dad too. (Who knew a warthog was an omnivore?  Who knew what an omnivore was?)  I even caught DH singing "Imvubu the Happiest Hippo", one of our favorite tracks, in the shower yesterday!  JD's favorite is "Lucas the Lazy Lion" mostly because it encourages him to roar and growl repeatedly.  I would totally listen to "The Night Song" while relaxing at night- even if I didn't have a baby.  It's amazingly calming.

"Beautiful Creatures was formed in South Africa in November 2004 by Alan Glass, Ed Jordan and Paul Choritz who felt there was a need for "Parent Friendly" children's music. Using the best session musicians, actors and singers in the country, Beautiful Creatures prides itself on being uniquely South African with a positive global message." 

You can learn more about the company here.  

Here is where you can order the CD, and here is where you can check out tracks on iTunes.  You won't regret it!


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