Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Boys Have New Favorite Footwear


JD loves his skidDERS.  I love that they are easy to pull on and are washable!  The floors in our house are slippery, and JD has gotten many bumps from slipping and sliding.  I've been trying to keep shoes on his feet to eliminate the danger, but whenever we put JD's regular shoes on, he thinks he is going somewhere, and it's so sad to tell him he isn't.  These solve the problem by feeling like socks but offering more traction than even his shoes do.  I'm going to have to get more so that I can wash these :)

Baby O's Sock Ons

I am angry at myself that I did not believe in Sock Ons the first time I saw them.  I thought they were a big hoax.  JD never kept socks on, but because he was a summer baby, I was never too concerned.  Baby O has been kicking his socks off in record time since the day he was born.  He even had little blisters on the backs of his heels from rubbing his feet on his blanket.  
My mother-in-law gave us Sock Ons for Christmas, and I thanked her and threw them on the pile.  But when baby O was sockless again, she slipped a pair on, and his socks stayed firmly in place the rest of the day!  I couldn't believe it and was slightly concerned that there were going to be red marks on my baby from what must be tight elastic keeping his socks on.  There were none.  He has not gotten his socks off since.  This is one of my top must-haves now!  I can't wait to get some colorful ones and the sneaker ones!

You can get both of these here!


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